Explore The Best Western Australia Walking Holidays
Nov 11, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Australia is one of the most incredible and excellent places to visit for some fantastic and wholesome experiences. Moreover, if you are a trekking and walking lover, then you should have a chance to visit the western side of Australia. There are a lot of tours in Western Australia, and these trekking tours are very famous among tourists and visitors. Trekking in Western Australia is very highly rated by these tourists, and it is considered one of the best experiences. There are some of the best trekking tours in Western Australia that we will talk about further.

There is no doubt that western Australia is very beautiful because of its trekking tours with beautiful sightings of vast landscapes and sceneries. Western Australia has quite brilliant walk ranges with stunning Cape to Cape Track, which is situated in Margaret River, and George walks near East Kimberley in the WA, which is based in the northwest area. As follows, here are some of the amazing and stunning trekking tours of Western Australia.

5 Best Trekking Tours in Western Australia 2023

Explore Karijini National Park

Number one on our list is a famous national park among visitors in Western Australia, better known as Karijini National Park. This destination is worth visiting place if you are a trekking lover. This place is very popular because of its astonishing natural beauty. Beautiful sceneries of nature, which include charming birds, sightings of amazing natural greenery, and animals, have all of them.

You can go here with your trekking partners or your family members or friends to have a little bit of comfort from this busy life. In Western Australia, most people prefer walking to take care of their health. Moreover, tourists go to this destination to make a deep and strong bond with nature to live a good life. This place is the best trekking tours in Western Australia 2023.

Tackle Australia's iconic Cape to Cape track

Going here and there from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin and also going from one side to another of Cape to Cape track is considered as the best, breathtaking, and amazing walk tour in the entire Australia. The extraordinary and stunning Cape to Cape walk is a very popular and incredible experience to have in Western Australia if you are going there for trekking. This walk is so awesome that whoever completes this is considered as his most significant accomplishment in the trekking records. You feel like you have made the most significant achievement by completing 130 km and having a great experience.

It is situated in the southwest corner of Western Australia and lies beside the famous Margaret River. The Cape to Cape track has a distance of almost 135 km, which starts from the lighthouse of the Cape Naturaliste towards the Cape Leeuwin. This is a proper journey of almost four days because of this much difference. It is a 4-day walk, and on this journey, you will experience a brilliant journey with amazing sceneries of nature and its beauty. You will see some beautiful coastlines with impressive cliffs of limestones around you and astonishing views. We highly recommend Cape to Cape track walk if you are a trekking lover and want to dare yourself to have a long walk of 135 km in 4 days.

Albany to Esperance Explorer walk.

How would you think if we said that you could go for a 7-day walk in Western Australia, which is definitely a breathtaking, awesome, and worth going trekking experience? We know the answer, and here are some more details about this quite amazing seven-day walk, which is called the Albany to Esperance Explorer walk. This extraordinary and super exhaust plus sightseeing walk starts from Albany. It goes to Esperance, which includes all the beautiful national parks in the journey with sandy beaches and amazing walking trails around you.

If you are going for this walk, then you will see Cape Le Grand National Park as well as Frenchman's Peak, which is very popular among tourists from all around the world. The reasons behind these peaks take up to 40 million years to form because of the entire actions of the world as well as the underwater currents that hit its lower side.

Six-Days Esperance & Margaret River Adventure Tour

Imagine a tour you have to go on for six days trekking in Western Australia in which you will have the best time of your life by experiencing a visit to Kalbarri National Park and much more. Yes, you can go on this tour. This amazing six-day tour is known as the Esperance and Margaret River Tour, which is very popular among trekking lovers in Western Australia. This whole tour includes a visit to Kalbarri National Park, Ningaloo Reef, Shark Boy, and many, many more exciting and fun-loving places that you will love to go as a trekking lover. This entire tour includes proper and reasonable accommodation and meals. The area of southwestern Western Australia is highly full of greenery of forests, ravishing white sand beaches, and gorgeous rigger coastlines. Margaret river walking tours are very famous there.

Walking on the cliffs of Margaret River is also a very great trekking experience you can have. This river is very famous in Western Australia and gets a really high rating from these visitors. The best thing about this river is that it always feels great to see and is best for sightseeing. We highly recommend you go for this six-day tour in which you can explore almost everything you need to be. You can have a chance to visit this place, and you won't regret it if you are a trekking lover.

King Park

At the very last we have King Park which is also a very popular destination for trekkers in Western Australia. Tons of travelers come from all around the world to this place to do a walking tour and enjoy their time with their friends and family members in the evening with breathtaking views and calmness of this park. This place is best for trekking tours in Western Australia


Walking tours from Perth are the very finest thing most people do. As we try our best to collect the best places in Western Australia regarding trekking tours. You can give a chance of visit to some of these places, most importantly the Cape to Cape Track Walk. This tour is very famous and has the ability to catch your eye. If you are a trekking lover then we highly recommend you to go for these best trekking tours in Western Australia.