7 America's Top Dinosaur Destinations: Easily Affordable Spots
Oct 25, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Do you want to explore the fossils of extinct dinosaurs preserved in the United States of America? If yes, then you are in the right spot. In this article, we will enlist America's Top Dinosaur Destinations. You will receive the necessary information about the displayed fossils in these museums.

America is rich in culture and famous for keeping its history safe. You will witness a lot of museums preserving ancient things, most importantly the fossils of extinct animals like dinosaurs. You might have studied about the biological group Dinosauria. Dinosaurs are the ancestors of today's birds.

Move your compass to any mentioned dinosaur destinations for the best experience exploring dinosaur fossils. You will be amazed to see the dinosaur skeletons, their preserved bones kept in a glass box, and learn about the world about a million years ago.

This piece of writing will be helpful for you to decide the best Dinosaur destination for you in the United States of America. Check out this article to explore more!

7 Best Must-Visit Dinosaur Museum In US

If you are a paleontologist or love to study Evolution, then consider these 7 museums in America that preserve the remains of extinct dinosaurs. You can get help in writing research papers or a thesis on paleontology.

Some museums are classically decorated, preserving the ancient remains of humans and dinosaurs, while other destinations are artificially decorated as dinosaur-themed for temporary stay and enjoyment.

Field Museum, Chicago

The field museum is located in Chicago, Illinois and is a famous gallery due to the preservation of a well-known extinct dinosaur called T. rex. This dinosaur used to exhale the weird smelling breath. It was measured to be 40 ft in length.

The most complete specimen of T. rex ever discovered is placed in the Field Museum only. The guide will lead you with all the information about the museum and the fossils kept here. There is a small cafe for the visitors to keep them fresh.

T-REX Cafe, Orlando

T-REX Cafe is a dinosaur-themed restaurant in America that serves delicious food with chilled drinks. The main hall of this restaurant is decorated with colourful animations of dinosaurs that attract visitors. There is a special dinosaur-themed play area for kids.

The outside seating is adorned with an artificial volcano, adding to the charm of this place. The life-size octopus, fitted over the counter, looks attractive. The management offers the best services and reservation options that can be done online. It is classified as the best dinosaur museum in US.

Dinosaur Diamond National Byway

Dinosaur Diamond is a beautiful historic byway that is about 512 miles long. This huge diamond-shaped loop passes through Colorado and Utah. Start from any point of your choice, but consider Colorado the beginning spot for the best prehistoric adventure.

It takes almost three days or four to explore the whole trail. The beautiful scene of ancient rock art will blow your mind. You will see fascinating places like the Mill Canyon Trail, Dinosaur Garden and National Monument on the way.

Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument is one of America's top dinosaur destinations in the world. You can enjoy thrilling activities like hiking, fishing, and water rafting. But the passionate paleontologists prefer to head towards Quarry Exhibit Hall, where you will witness the ancient remains of dinosaurs.

The fossils are placed on the sloping sheet of a special rock that was a sandbar for dinosaurs. It is believed that the dinosaurs used to bathe at the larger river where the sandbar is placed. In this museum, you can see the fossils of Diplodocus, Stegosaurus, Allosaurus and other species.

Dinosaur World, Texas

Dinosaur World is of the central attention of tourists located near central Kentucky. Here, you can witness hundreds of huge-sized dinosaur skeletons firmly standing aside the long walking trail. These colourful skeletons offer a great opportunity for photography.

There is a dinosaur-themed playground for kids and an informative museum for adults. You can buy the goods from the gift shop, mostly dino toys. Get ready for an amazing tour of this mind-blowing monument.

Montana Dinosaur Trail

The Montana Dinosaur Trail is a fascinating monumental trail in central Montana. It covers 14 different dinosaur museums in 12 cities on the other side of the state. You will be surprised to see the fossils of the first infant dinosaur discovered in North America.

You are provided with noteworthy information about the Triassic period. The imperfect T. Rex skeleton and the almost complete skeleton of Allosaurus are kept at the Rockies Museum. Other well-known fossils preserved in these monuments are identified as the Plesiosaurs and Mosasaurs.

Smithsonian National Museum

The opening ceremony of this museum was held in 1910. The main hall of the Smithsonian National Museum is about 31,000 square feet in area where all the dinosaur skeletons are displayed. You can gain beneficial knowledge about fossils from any of the 185 professional scientists who work here.

This museum shows video recordings of the ways by which humans contribute to changing the climate of Earth and the theory of Evolution. Almost 146 million specimens of plants, minerals, animals, rocks and human remains are preserved here.


The study of fossils of dinosaurs plays an important role in the theory of Evolution. If you plan a study tour for paleontology in the US, this article is best for you. You can visit any of the above-mentioned dinosaur destinations for this advantageous purpose.

These destinations preserve the great collection of fossils of the extinct dinosaurs along with their history. You will be amazed to learn about the prehistoric world and life there. Visit the top dinosaur destination in the US, and You will never regret your decision.