Exhilarating Experience of Heritage House Dubai
Nov 10, 2023 By Sean William

Amid a sky-scraping modern city layout, Heritage House connects you to the culture and tradition of Dubai. It reflects the richness of Dubai's past and is considered a significant landmark in the history of Dubai. Heritage House is a neighbor of the famous Dubai Gold Souk, which attracts tourists' attention to the peak.

Today, we will explore Heritage House, Dubai: how to reach it, best time, & Tips. Before you leave this page, you will have detailed insights to prepare for your visit.

Things to Know About Heritage House Dubai

Dubai is one of the top tourist cities in the world. Millions of tourists visit Dubai due to its cuisine, skyscrapers, and serene environment. Whatever the reason is, Dubai stands tall among all other tourist destinations.

Heritage House is the best place to visit in Dubai, and you may have heard the name of it many times. It connects you to the old view of the city, and its culture may have faded with the city's modernization.

About Heritage House

Heritage House Dubai dates back to 1890 as a house of pearl merchants. One of the most exciting facts is it is built with coral and gypsum. Its central courtyard is designed to block sunlight directly from falling on it, keeping the internal temperature cool in scorching summer.

The house shows a traditional Gulf Mansion design back in the day. Tourists can compare this structure of mansions owned by Dubai elites in the past and the current ones. Its exterior walls have a sturdy construction with no windows to keep it cool.

The house's main room goes by Al Makhzan, which you will see after crossing the doors. This main room has mannequins with traditional clothes, jewelry, and other costumes. They added Western pieces like a Gramophone and Seth Thomas clock to give it a fusional touch.

  • Location: Dubai Heritage House location is Al Ras Area, Deira Dubai. It is 14 kilometers from Dubai City and takes 15 minutes to drive.
  • Timings: You can visit from 08:00 a.m. - 07:30 p.m. all days of the week except for Friday. On Friday, the timing starts from 2:30 p.m. to 07:30 p.m.
  • Price: Heritage House is free for locals and tourists as well.

Reaching Heritage House

Heritage House is situated outside Dubai City near Al Shindagh, the neighborhood of Dubai Gold Souk. If you are a local or international resident, that's how to go to Heritage House.

  • By Metro: Dubai has an extensive metro train network that is a cheap option to visit Heritage House. The nearest stop to Heritage House is Al Ghubaiba Metro Station. It takes nine to ten minutes to walk to the heritage house. From Al Ras Station, it takes two minutes to walk.
  • By Bus: Check Dubai Roads and Transportation Authority for the bus route that includes your location and Heritage House. Take the bus that crosses the Al Shindagha area.
  • By Water: If your hotel or residence is near Deira, you can take Abra (wooden boat) to Bur Dubai. Along the way, you will get to see other historic surroundings too.

Best Time to Visit Heritage House, Dubai

Any trip is enjoyable when you choose the right time to spend at the spot. Dubai's climate is hot and dry, so choose a bit cooler months to visit any area in Dubai.

  • Mild Weather: The weather is pleasant during the year's winter months. The temperature ranges between 15C and 25C, which makes strolling through the open area of Heritage House easy for you.
  • Cultural Events: Winter brings many events and festivals around Dubai. These events have traditional performances, exhibitions, food stalls, and cultural-themed activities. It will make your experience of visiting heritage houses more memorable.
  • Daylight Hours: The best time to visit Heritage House is the day. You can have a better view of the detailing in natural light. This timing is also better for photography purposes.

Tips to Visit Heritage House Dubai

Visiting is one thing, but making your visit a memorable experience is another. It can only happen when you know how to maximize it. So, I'll tell you some tips to make your heritage house visit epic.

  • Check Opening Hours: Although I have mentioned the operational hours of Heritage House, it is good to check real-time hours using Google Maps. Sometimes, the timing may fluctuate due to some local activities or holidays.
  • Guided Tours: If you are an international tourist, I recommend you to a local tour guide. Many cultural things and terms need better understanding. That's how you will know deeply about Gulf culture and history.
  • Respect the Rules: When visiting any culture or religious site, abide by the rules. Wear a modest dress to mix into the hues of local culture and delve into the serenity of other traditions.
  • Photography: Photography is an excellent way to capture memories and make them forever. However, keep ethics of place in mind. Do not capture without permission or the spots that do not allow a camera. Also, care for the privacy of other visitors while taking candid shots.
  • Explore the Surroundings: Don't stop there; visit the surroundings, like the Dubai Museum, Al Gahdi Historic District, and nearby local markets. The more you explore, the more you will be able to understand the culture in depth.

Final Thoughts

Visiting Heritage House is a kind experience and an excellent opportunity to connect with the city's past. Now that you know about Heritage House, Dubai: how to reach, best time & tips, you are good to go. By following all these points and keeping safety measures in mind, you can create ever-lasting memories of your journey of Dubai's history and heart.

Let me know if you have any queries regarding Dubai Heritage House in the comment section.