A Detailed Guide to Mawryngkneng Trek (Bamboo Trail)
Oct 26, 2023 By Sean William

Your friend's group is striving for something extraordinary and close to nature. All of you are bored with crowded tourist places. You love peace, and so do your friends. Why don't you try to visit a man-made trek known as Mawryngkneng Trek or Bamboo Trail?

It's the most underrated place in Northern India. The uniqueness of this trek is the Bamboo sky cliff, which villagers make without help from the government. It has forests, rivers, caves, and waterfalls.

I know that you all are a bit confused about this trek. Where to start? What should I do there? Is it worth our time? No need to be confused as I compile all the things you need to know about this trek concisely. Feeling excited? read the article thoroughly.

Where Does Mawryngkneng trek Located In India?

The Mawryngkneng trek Located in Wahkhen village in East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya. It is considered as the scariest trek among all. Is it scary or not? I don't know. However you have to rethink about it if you’re afraid of heights.

How long is the Mawryngkneng Trek?

The Mawryngkneng trek is short. You can complete the whole trek within one day comfortably. It took 3 hours to complete the trek. The time also depends on the number of breaks you want to take and your physical health. If you love solitude, start trekking in the quieter periods of the day.

What Is The Difficulty Level Of Meghalaya Trek?

The difficulty level of this trek is medium. No doubt it's not for those who have height phobias. This trek's fun, enthusiastic measures are 150 meters long and 70 meters deep skywalk. It has a 100m tall bamboo ladder to reach the U point.

All You Need To Know About Mawryngkneng Trek:

The rural Meghalaya, or the most underrated place to visit there. Kudos to those who knew about it before. Villagers are so concerned about nature. They love and protect nature the way they love their tradition.

This trek opened for the public in 206, thanks to Wahkhen villagers. Surprisingly, they made the whole trek alone without any financial help from the government. They tied bamboos with cane ropes and used a minimal amount of nails.

The trail follows a mountain cliff along the Wahrew River, leading to a massive rock formation known as U Mawryngkhang. U Mawryngkhang is an imposing rock amidst a river valley surrounded by forests, making it a prominent natural landmark.

The Insane Story Of The Famous King Stone:

In the Khasi area, rocks have ancient tales," BG shared, his eyes full of memories. The Khasi community weaves stories around rocks and waterfalls. The Mawryngkhang Trek is no different.

Mawryngkhang, the "King of Rocks," earned his title through a legendary battle. He fell in love with Kthiang, but Mawpator also desired her. A fierce fight followed. Mawpator cut off Mawryngkhang's hand, but he kept fighting. With a strong blow, he won. U Mawryngkhang and Kthiang found happiness together.

At the top of Mawryngkhang, you'll see U Mawryngkhang's greatness. Nearby, Kthiang's rock stands, while a distant stone is believed to be Mawpator's head. U Mawryngkhang bears a mark from his severed hand – proof of his unwavering strength and love's triumph.

Things To Keep In Mind While Trekking - Thanks Me Later:

Every tourist place has some negative aspects. So, being a writer, I want you to be informed about them. Following are the essentials you need to opt for before going there:

  • There's a guest house to spend the night and sleep in once you're lucky enough to get permission from villagers to spend your night in the Music School. If not, then leave your bed early on the trekking day.
  • There's no superstore or local stalls for traveling. Grab your food yourself. The best option is to carry energy bars with you.
  • If you're visiting the trek in Monsoon, then make sure to wear shoes with extraordinary grip as bamboo and rocks are slippery enough.
  • The trek asks for strong peeps. You can feel thirsty in the middle of a trek. Ensure to have a water bottle in your bag with sufficient water.
  • Lastly, do not litter there. It's the untouched beauty of Northern India, so play your part, grab all your rappers, and throw them in the dustbin.

Quick Facts To Know About Mawryngkneng Trek:

  • Total Distance: 3.54 km approx. both ways
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Total Time Consumption: 3 to 5 hours
  • Entrance Fee: Adult = 50 per head, Child = 20 per head

How To Reach Mawryngkneng Trek?

Once you reach the nearest place, you have three options, which are as follows.

Via Self-Drive:

You have to drive via Myellium and continue to Plum Village. So start early. Make sure to leave your guest house at 11 am. If not, then 1 pm should be your last. It's the most comfortable option.

Via Private taxi:

A private taxi is costly if you're traveling alone. If you have 4 to 5 people in your group, you can easily divide the stipend among them. You can hire a taxi from Bara Bazar.

Via Public Transport:

Public transport could be better in Mawryngkneng Trek. As far as I remember, they have only one shared jeep, which only travels once a day. I am not suggesting you this option.

Best Time For Mawryngkneng Trek:

For the best experience, you must visit the winter trek from October to January. In winter, rocks and forests are not slippery, and the weather is calm, too. However, if you're a waterfall lover, visit this area in ost-monsoon for awe-inspiring beauty.

Where To Stay In Wahkhen?

There needs to be a resort or rest house in Mawryngkneng Trek. You can ask villagers permission to spend one night in Music School. If they permit you, then you're lucky people. Otherwise, you have to leave your resort early.


Experience the allure of Mawryngkneng Trek – where nature thrives. Connect with this unique place. Plan your adventure today and immerse in Meghalaya's untouched beauty. Book now for an unforgettable journey!