Top Places to Visit in Auckland, Tourist Places and Top Attractions
Oct 25, 2023 By Sean William

Auckland, a beautiful city in New Zealand, is famous for its museums, galleries, monuments, and other tourist attractions. The city is known as the "City of Sails" and stretches between Waitemata Harbour and Manukau Harbour.

Auckland is regarded as one of the best cities to live and explore. Suppose you are in Auckland or planning to visit it soon. In that case, there are various popular tourist attractions you would love to explore, like Sky Tower, Rainbow's End, Rangitoto Island, Mount Eden, and the War Memorial Museum. Besides that, North Wharf, Auckland Art Gallery, and Auckland Zoo are the other tourist attractions in Auckland.

Want to know more about Auckland before landing in the city? If yes, continue to read and find out Auckland's most popular travel destinations!

Top Places To Visit In Auckland

Sky Tower

The famous Sky Tower, at 328 meters tall, dominates the skyline of Auckland. This observation and communication tower is a hub for tourists. This sky tower is among the best places in Auckland that grab the tourist attraction. Visit the Sky Tower to take in the breathtaking view, enjoy thrilling adventures, and enjoy luxurious food.

Rainbow's End

Rainbow's End is the biggest theme park in New Zealand and a great spot to visit in Auckland if you have a young heart. The rides range from kid-friendly to exhilarating, including the Power Surge, Corkscrew Roller Coaster, and Log Flume. Additionally, the park has a designated kids' area for kids younger than eight.

Rangitoto Island

Rangitoto Island, one of the most famous islands in the nation, should be on your visit to New Zealand. It is home to the youngest and largest of Auckland's 48 volcanic cones. Its history began when it abruptly rose from the sea 600 years ago.

Mount Eden

It is delightful to gaze at the shimmering skyline of one of the most significant cities on earth. Mount Eden, a suburb, offers a mesmerizing 360-degree city view. It's among the greatest spots to relax and treat your eyes!

In addition, treat your palate to a local meal at a nearby cafe. Discover the Maori community and take a tour of the heritage sites. Mount Eden is undoubtedly one of Auckland, New Zealand's most beautiful destinations, with its verdant surroundings and breathtaking splendor.

Waitemata Harbour

The main entrance to Auckland is Waitemata Harbour. Even though it's one of the two harbors that border the area, it's now sometimes called Auckland Harbour. Huge ships can find excellent berthing conditions due to deep navigable canals, slow tides, and a small tidal range.

Additionally, the harbor provides the environment for an annual one-day regatta that attracts hundreds of people to Auckland. Admire the breathtaking views of the buildings, relax through the calming sound of the water, and visit the neighboring stores and cafes.

War Memorial Museum

One of the most important war memorials and museums in New Zealand is the Auckland War Memorial Museum. It is one of the best sites to visit in Auckland because of its exhibitions, which center on New Zealand's military history and past. Numerous symbolic features were built into the museum.

Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is the second-largest and most populated island in New Zealand's Hauraki Gulf. You can discover the island's routes, which lead directly to the beaches via delightful natural woodland enclaves.

You can access a World War II gun position network and secret tunnels via the Stony Batter passageway. If you want to listen to the peaceful sound of waves, you can rent a beach house or stay at the backpacker's hostel. It's also a great spot for swimming, kayaking, and picnics.

Top Tourist Attractions in Auckland:

North Wharf

The North Wharf is a short, beautiful stroll from Viaduct Harbour. Compared to Viaduct Harbour, it is less touristy and has many more restaurants. Regardless of the food you're craving, you can probably find it here for a little affordable price.

Take a little stroll to Silo Park after supper to burn off all the calories. Seven restored silos, a kids' play area, public art pieces, and pleasant views of St. Marys Bay may all be found here.

Ferry Terminal and Queen Street

The Grand Ferry Building, constructed in 1912, is a significant English-Baroque monument on the bay front of Queen's Wharf. Ferries leave from here for all of the outer islands and other locations within the city on the opposite side of Waitemata Harbour.

You can use it as your primary marker when navigating from Viaduct Harbour to the downtown area and Queen Street's attractions. It's a short walk south from the ferry terminal to a pedestrian-only area, where you can see the contemporary Commercial Bay shopping center on your left.

Queen Street is a beautiful neighborhood with many national and international stores. This is the spot to go if you need to acquire supplies or have forgotten something before exploring the rest of the country.

Auckland Art Gallery

The largest art collection in the country is housed at the Auckland Art Gallery, housed in a stunning 1887 French Renaissance edifice with some amazing recent extensions. It features about 15,000 pieces of art on display, including paintings, sculptures, prints, jewelry, and ceramics by both domestic and foreign artists.

The collection, which includes pieces by well-known painters like Dali, Gauguin, Picasso, and Matisse, is fascinating.

In addition to attracting art enthusiasts, history buffs should not miss the Auckland Art Gallery, where several of its most striking paintings show the moment Maori and European explorers first encountered in the 1600s.

Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium

This amazing aquarium was named for Kelly Tarlton, who initially suggested building a facility to inform Aucklanders about the myriad underwater wonders that exist offshore.

The aquarium opened its doors to people in 1985. You can view thousands of different fish and marine species at the center, which is situated on the wonderful Tamaki Drive that winds around the city's waterfront.

Its greatest attraction is its lengthy underwater tunnel. The aquarium is a terrific place to spend a fun-filled family day that is informative and amusing. It is home to various animals, including sharks, stingrays, penguins, and coral reef systems.

Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo is a public zoo with all the beloved animals. There is enough space for walking around, such as the Aussie Walkabout, where tarantulas and spider monkeys coexist with kangaroos and Tasmanian devils in rainforest cages. The location of Auckland Zoo is at Western Springs.


MOTAT is an inspiring and thorough account of the history of transportation, society, and technology in New Zealand. Modern Aviation Display Hall and many family-friendly interactive exhibitions are also features of MOTAT. It is located close to the Auckland Zoo in Western Springs.


Auckland is a popular New Zealand city with tourist attractions like North Wharf, Auckland Zoo, and Auckland Art Gallery. Besides that, Sky Tower, Rangitoto Island, Rainbow's End, War Memorial Museum, and Mount Eden are the other best places to visit in Auckland.