Explore Meghalaya: Top Walking and Biking Tours
Nov 01, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

In northeastern India, Meghalaya, known as the "abode of clouds," captivates travelers with its splendor. This state is noted in the area's undulating hills for its stunning scenery, rich flora, and lively culture. Meghalaya walking and bike trips are unique. The state has beautiful lakes, waterfalls, caverns, and woods. The vibrant and dynamic character of this region thrills explorers and environment lovers.

Shillong, the "Scotland of the East," is the capital of Meghalaya and a great place to start exploring its splendor. Its mild temperature and rich history make it a great walking and riding destination. You may explore Meghalaya's outdoor treasures from Shillong, where every nook has an ethereal beauty.

Places to explore in Meghalaya

Cherrapunji: The Wettest Place on Earth

Cherrapunji, the wettest spot on Earth, is a must-see in Meghalaya. Emerald valleys with abundant life provide the setting for this region's walking excursions. Local tribes' cleverly created live root bridges demonstrate nature-human harmony. These trips also take you to Nohkalikai Falls, which plunges into deep gorges. The stunning natural beauty of Cherrapunji conveys the story of the old human-environment relationship.

Cherrapunji's meandering lanes provide thrills and peace for bikers. Ride through verdant settings to see the stunning Mawsmai Caves' limestone formations. Cherrapunji's scenery wows explorers seeking natural beauty and cultural complexity. Every bend exposes a new natural wonder, making it a paradise for hikers and cyclists.

Mawlynnong: Asia's Cleanest Village

Meghalaya's secrets include Mawlynnong, Asia's cleanest settlement. Walking excursions over its immaculate trails lead to live root bridges and bamboo watchtowers with panoramic Bangladesh plain views. Walking around the village, you'll see the Khasi community's deep connection to the environment and creative eco-friendly practices. Mawlynnong exemplifies sustainable life and natural beauty.

Cycling to Mawlynnong is a pleasure among thick nature. Beautiful scenery and well-maintained roads make riding fun. You'll see charming houses and vivid gardens as you bike through rural Meghalaya. Mawlynnong is a great area to experience eco-conscious living since people and the environment coexist.

Dawki: The Crystal Clear Waters

Dawki, near the Bangladesh border, has clean Umngot River waters. Riverbank walks reveal the water's fantastic clarity, with buried stones visible even in the most profound areas. The Dawki Bridge offers a great view of the river and hills. Here, the water reflects the sky.

Cycling through Dawki's lovely countryside introduces you to friendly inhabitants and their vivid culture. The suspension bridge and Dawki-Tamabil border crossing are visible from the road. It's a bicycle trip across India and Bangladesh's beautiful environment, blending culture and nature.

Living Root Bridges of Nongriat:

Khasi tribes built Nongriat's astounding live root bridges. Walk to these bridges to experience Meghalaya's culture and landscape. You'll walk through lush woodlands, listen to birdsong, and see these timeless artworks. Indigenous cultures' profound knowledge and strong connection to the environment are visible in Nongriat. A thrilling ride to Nongriat is possible over rugged terrain and limited paths. It's perfect for thrill-seekers who wish to explore Meghalaya's wildness and admire native tribes' unique artistry. Every stride or pedal stroke in Nongriat is a trip through time and culture and connects with nature.

Walking and bicycling trips in Meghalaya show the state's stunning scenery and distinct culture. Tours of Meghalaya reveal its rich culture, traditions, and tribal practices. Local interactions are essential to the trip. While strolling around Meghalaya, you'll frequently meet friendly locals eager to share their tales and lifestyle. From their unique costumes to exciting festivals, it's a chance to experience the Khasi, Garo, and Jaintia ceremonies. Cultural immersion enriches your tour of this fascinating state.

Cycling enthusiasts may also experience culture. As you cycle past charming towns, tribal music plays. Roadside booths provide tempting Khasi food with its rich flavors and spices. You may even be able to join Meghalaya's lively cultural events if you arrange your vacation perfectly. These trips let you experience Meghalaya's rich cultural history and make memories beyond the scenery.

Responsible Tourism and Conservation:

Meghalaya's natural beauty and cultural legacy should be maintained. Responsible tourism is essential to state walking and bicycle excursions. Tour operators and communities understand sustainability and conservation. These trips are designed to minimize environmental and community damage. Walking tours teach guests about conservation by highlighting the region's biodiversity and animals. The native tribes' sustainable practices are shown by the live root bridges, which are stunning. These excursions encourage guests to protect Meghalaya's natural resources by promoting eco-friendly living and responsible tourism.

Meghalaya biking excursions are eco-friendly. Several bicycle routes use approved trails to minimize ecological harm. Several tour providers also organize clean-up drives to preserve the scenery. Visitors are asked to leave no trace and respect local traditions and the environment to help preserve Meghalaya's natural resources. These trips show us that we may enjoy nature without harming it, leaving just our admiration.

Planning Your Meghalaya Adventure:

Consider the weather and the ideal time to visit Meghalaya while organizing a walking or bike excursion. Monsoon season rains may impair road conditions and accessibility. After the monsoon, October to April is a good time for outdoor activities. Understanding seasonal changes is essential for a safe and fun experience.

Your fitness level and tour intensity should also be considered. Some routes are easy for novices, while others demand more fitness and endurance. It's crucial to pick a trip that matches your talents and expectations since Meghalaya has several possibilities for explorers. Meghalaya has everything from rustic homestays to metropolitan resorts. You may enhance your stay in this lovely state by choosing accommodations that fit your comfort and budget.


Meghalaya has several charming walking and riding adventures. Meghalaya offers something for every adventurer, from the tranquility of Cherrapunji to the cleanliness of Mawlynnong, the crystal-clear rivers of Dawki, to the cultural richness of Nongriat. These trips let you see the state's unique culture and stunning natural beauty. Meghalaya's stunning scenery and clean surroundings await adventurers. Every move exposes the wonder of the "abode of clouds."